Dutch currency association


Holland = Pioneers in international business

Nation Building, Dutch style

The Netherlands is often referred to as ‘Holland’. In fact, ‘Holland’ is much more than that. ‘Holland’ is a brand. A strong brand representing many historic, cultural, demographic, political and economic features unique to this small yet influential country.

Dutch highlights

  • Shaping our environment
  • Becoming an economic giant


  • 16.877.351 people in 2014
  • Average density 406,3/km², only lower than Vatican and Bangladesh

Dutch cultural traits

  • Open minded, international, and entrepreneurial
  • Co-operative and inclusive
  • Pragmatic and resourceful

Dutch icons

  • Abel Tasman (eplorer and merchant)
  • Rembrandt van Rijn (influential painter and etcher)
  • Rem Koolhaas (world-leading architect)
  • Viktor and Rolf (extravagant designers)

Stable democracy & active global citizen

  • Founding member of EU, active member of NATO
  • The Hague legal capital of the world

International trade

  • Exports show high growth rates
  • Europe’s third, possibly second, exporter after Germany and France
  • Per capita exports three time EU-15 average

Innovation and R&D

  • World-class institutes and public-private programmes
  • Life Sciences and Health innovation programme
  • Independent giants like TNO and Philips Research   

Sustainability, energy and climate change
Our vision for sustainable, reliable and affordable energy system

  • C0² emissions cut in half
  • 40% of electricity generated using sustainable sources
  • 60% of energy from gas, nuclear, coal plants (using CCS)